On my journey to become closer and more intimate with God it saddens me to see so many in the body of Christ focus on their purpose and their destiny. They focus on what they are to do, what plans and purposes God has for them. Many become discouraged because maybe they do not have a clear vision of who God has called them to be or maybe their talents are such that places them front and center. We have become somewhat performance based in our thinking instead. Before moving forward I am not saying that having a purpose and a destiny or even seeking those things is wrong. God has also called us to do but I do not believe doing needs to be our first focus. Instead I believe as a body we should put more focus on being. Learning how to become intimate with God, learning how to be with Him, learning how to become united with Him as Paul writes about in Phil 2.

I am discovering that it is from this place of being that purpose and destiny’s are birthed. It is from the place of being that we can go forth and do. It is from a place of being that we discover who God is and all that God really is, it becomes more than just head knowledge it becomes a heart knowledge and a deep understanding within our spirits. It is God’s deep crying out to our deep!!!

This week as I was reading Reckless Devotion by Roland and Heidi Baker there was a paragraph that jumped out at me because I realize that I too can fall into the trap of becoming performance based in my thinking. Many times I feel I am in left field all by myself just wanting to spend time with God and be in His presence especially while everyone else is in right field going, doing, and becoming. I cry out to God and ask what should I be doing, where should I be going, help me see the one in front of me? Witnessing in Walmart is hard for me because I am so task oriented I just see what needs to be done and I do not see the people around me. I call it a good trip if I leave Walmart in peace and do not hit anyone with my cart, yep I push that cart fast and furious! So when I read this days topic I had a light bulb moment and realized I was becoming very performance based in my thinking. It really is okay to be and just be. If you remember back to the garden we were made to be with Him and fellowship with Him. God loves to spend time with us!!!

So here is what Heidi wrote: “Rather than being purpose-driven, I prefer to be presence-centered. All our efforts in God’s Kingdom must originate from the place of rest, the place of His presence. They must flow from the realization that even if we did nothing but sit in a cave and pray for the rest of our lives, He would love us no less than He does now.” (Reckless Devotion, Becoming and Beholding Day 9)

Again as I read this God just seemed to say, it is all right that you just want to spend time with me. That is a good thing and as we become more intimate than I will show you what I would like you to do. While it has been hard, I am learning to just be and not do. God is good to show me where I may get out of balance and help show me ways I need to change.

If you do not understand your purpose or destiny, or what grand plan God may have for you; because Jeremiah 29:11 does say that God has a plan and a purpose for each of us and His plans are good to bring a future and a hope; don’t worry about. Instead learn how to draw close to God because He in turn will draw close to you. Allow Him to speak to you from that place of intimacy and awareness the awesome plans He has for you. Maybe it is just to pray or worship. Maybe He has called you to the mission field or some other purpose. Whatever His plans are for you allow Him to do a work in you that with glorify in all you do. God’s word declares that we have been given all things that pertain to life and godliness. So remember God has already given you everything you need to do what He has designed and purposed for you. Allow Him to show you His plans as you draw closer to Him. Allow Him to expand your visions of the two of you together. You will be amazed and undone by what He shows you.

Enjoy Closer by Bethel, allow this song to start you on the path to a closer relationship with our loving amazing God.

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