Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10

One of the aspects of God is that He is our defender. In the midst of the trials and storms we don’t have to get into worry or fear we just have to be still and trust God. I know sometimes it is hard to see what He is doing and sometimes we may even think we know a better solution but I also know that when we wait on God His ways are always the best.

I have experienced many trials and tribulations in my short live but it was only when things got the darkest and I knew that only God could turn the situation around did I fully learn how to rest and be still in Him. The emotional pain of the trial was very real but I continued to press into more of Him. I learned how to just be with Him and not worry about everything going on around me. If I was struggling with something I would just tell Jesus and then tell Him I knew He was bigger than whatever I was facing and needed His help to get through.

Gradually the emotional pain lessened, the offense and bitterness disappeared and I learned to just be with God, to dwell with Him, to praise Him and worship Him. During those intimate times God was so good to draw near to me too. He provided me with such amazing visions of us together and wonderful promises of all He had in store for me. Gradually too my focus began to shift from the trial onto all that God was and is.

As I continue to focus on being intimate with the one who has called me His own I wanted always put my focus on all that He is. One day recently I began writing down all of the wonderful aspects of God. While the list may never be complete and still feels awfully small in comparison to His greatness. Below are a few of the things I have written down about who God is. It is listed alphabetically just because that is how I thought to map it out.

A: Amazing, Astonishing, Awesome, Always with me, Abiding Presence, Abundance
B: Beautiful, Breakthrough (God of), Brilliant
C: Compassionate, Constant, Comforter, Counselor, Creator, Confidence
D: Dazzling, Delightful, Deserving
E: Emmanuel (God with us), Excellent, Everlasting, Exalted
F: Faithful to your word, promises, Father
G: Glorious, Good, Great, God, God Most High, Great Defender
H: Holy, Honest, Hope, Healer
I: Incredible, Indescribable
J: Jealous for me, Joyful, Jehovah
K: Kind, King
L: Loving, Lord, Light, Long Suffering
M: Mighty, Magnificent, Miraculous, My Song, Majesty, Marvelous, Merciful, Massive
N: Never will He leave us or forsake us, Nothing is Impossible for Him
O: Omnipotent, One (The Lord our God is one God), Overcomer
P: Powerful, Praiseworthy, Prince of Peace, Protector, Provider
Q: Quick to come to my aid
R: Refuge, Refreshing, Reigning Victorious, Righteous, Rest, Redeemer, Rescuer
S: Strong Tower, Savior, Splendor, Shield, Shelter
T: Thoughtful of me (psm 139), Tenderhearted
U: Unswerving, indescribable
V: Victorious, Vindicator
W: Wonderful, Wonderful and greatly to be praised
Y: You are…….

Take time today to praise Him, to worship Him, to just be still and know that He is God. He has it all taken care of. He loves you with such an amazing love that is hard to imagine just how great it is because nothing on this earth can compare. Know Him, be with Him, draw near to Him, and love Him!!!

Too many times we falsely accuse God for what we face or what we have gone through when the whole time He is there just wanting to love us, heal us, and be with us. Today take time to begin to dwell and declare how wonder God really is. Feel free to use the above list and allow Him to speak new things to you about His nature.

Defender is only one part of His nature!!!!

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