Do you ever feel like you are on a merry-go-round?  The same questions continually go through your mind over and over and over again.  You come to the point where you just want to scream let me off I have had enough!  I have been in this place.  It seems like I was always coming back to the same place and the same questions.  My mind was saying God why didn’t you handle things this way or even that way.  Why did this have to happen?  Why? Why? Why? 

Finally in desperation, knowing I had to let go of the why’s I cried out to God and He began showing me I needed to begin journaling.  When I write the ponderings of my soul come out of me and it is amazing they don’t necessarily come out the same as they are inside of me.  They come out in the form of a prayer, an answer, a declaration of where God wants me to be.  I find a lot of strength and courage in that because God doesn’t see me where I am, He sees me as He made me.  He sees me where He has designed and purposed for me to be.

I know this post is a little different than the ones I have been posting recently but I felt I needed to keep it real.  We all struggle.  We all deal with things.  It is just how we chose to deal with all that life throws us that makes the differences.

One lesson I have been learning this past year is mercy.  I have a strong sense of justice and when wrong becomes right or people get away with doing wrong with no consequences I cry “where is the justice?” Why is that person not being corrected for what they did wrong?  God in His loving kindness began showing me that I needed to become more merciful.  I needed to let go and forgive and allow room for Him to work and move.  The only person I could affect and change was myself and I would have to stand before God one day and answer the question, did you love well?

1 Cor 13 has been my plumb line for many years but recently God has been taking me new places in this chapter.  Love is not easily offended!! Love does not remember any wrongs to it.  These are not easy things to learn especially when our flesh cries out for justice but they are possible to learn with God on your side.

Together, lets learn to show mercy, love, and kindness towards all even those who have mistreated us.  May we remind ourselves, love; real love God’s love in us; is not easily offended and it keeps no records of any wrongs.  In fact God’s words says that love covers a multitude of sins.  So if God loves us and He forgets then we too can forget.

When I started this post I wanted to share the song You Can Have It All by Bethel but as I have been writing a different song came to my heart that I thought would fit this blog better and it is called Mercy.  The song was written by Matthew West but I love the version by Jenn Johnson the best. 

God’s mercy is as endless as the sea.  Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy Matthew 5:7

Be blessed as as Dr Robert Cook used to say on the King’s Hour “walk with the King today and be a blessing!”

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