Healing and Wholeness

I just finished listening to one of the most amazing messages.  I strongly encourage each of you to either go the Bethel Church’s website or iTunes in the podcasts and listen to Kris Vallotton’s message on Healing and Wholeness.  It will totally bless you!

Recap of what you will hear:  There are 27 healing miracles that Jesus performed, for most He spoke a word but when He did not He did so for a reason.  In the case of the blind man when he spit and put the mud on his eyes Jesus took what had cursed the man to heal him.  When Jesus heals He wants to heal you body, soul, and spirit or the whole man.

When Kris went on to talk about wholeness, the message took on a whole other dimension.  Our soul has needs and that is okay.  We need love, attention, relationships, etc.  We need to know that someone celebrates our life, or as he puts it will be at our funeral.  Jesus loves all of you, He does not just love your spirit He loves you body, soul, and spirit.  He loves your whole being!

I am praying each of you will have the time to listen to this message and that it will bless you as much as it did me.  Lastly celebrate someones life today, let them know how much they are loved and appreciated. 

I will start: I love and appreciate all of you! I thank you for the kind and encouraging words you have sent my way via email.  It was hard for me to start this blog but I am so thankful that this has been a blessing and encouragement to all of you.

Sorry no music today but never know when I’ll get another song to share with you.  🙂


Freedom (I Asked You For Life)

I am sure you are beginning to notice that God tends to get my attention via a song.  I have a great love of music and normally have music going more than the television. 

This morning as I was getting ready for work a song was playing on my iPod called I Asked You For Life.  In this song there is a phrase that goes “I asked you for freedom, you broke every chain and you gave me the key.”  I have heard this song numerous times but today that phrase stuck out to me more than at other times.

I began to realize how true this was in my own life.  Some of you, that have heard portions of my story know that God has delivered me from the chains of failure and rejection.  Two of the biggest areas that were keeping me from truly knowing who I was in Christ and understanding how greatly loved I was as well.  When God first starting dealing with me on rejection, thankfully He just did one thing at a time,  He gave the following scripture:  You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.  John 8:32

It was a long and sometimes painful process for this truth to sink in.  Many times I would yell, well more like scream this scripture out of my mouth as tears ran down my face but eventually I began to see the truth and not the lies the enemy had been feeding me most of my life.  I realized as I listened to this song I now hold the keys in both of these areas and when the enemy comes at me I just dangle the keys in his face and tell him to get lost no matter what the situation may look like.  God holds every situation and circumstance in His hands.  He is in control of everything and I just need to turn my cares upon Him.

Farther down in John 8 in verse 36 it goes on to say “who the son has set free is free indeed” and what glorious freedom it is!

Now I would be a bit remiss if I did not share the song with you so enjoy.  🙂

The Perfect Fit (I Knew What I Was Getting)

Tonight at church while we were singing the song “I Knew What I Was Getting” Into I noticed a couple holding each other and I noticed how well they fit together.  Immediately when I had that thought God spoke to me and said you fit perfectly in my arms. 

Beloved know that God loves you.  He treasures you and when He holds you, you fit perfectly in His arms!

I stay amazed at all God is showing me and revealing to me.  Even now as I type this I am overwhelmed by His love for me and what He spoke to me tonight.


I saw the most amazing video tonight online from Bethel church. The song is called closer and the lyrics are amazing.  I have posted below.  I pray that as the song says it draws you closer to God and that you allow His love to ravish you.

I felt this tied in so well with all the posts regarding God’s love I just knew it had to be shared.  If ANYONE finds this song in dowloadable or CD format PLEASE let me know. 

God’s Love Continued (Furious)

Love seems to be the word for me.  I believe God is trying to show me how great and awesome His love his towards us.  Numerous times in the past week I have listened to the song Furious by Bethel Church.  I love the song but struggle with how God’s love towards us can be furious.  This word has such negative connotations such as anger, wrath, and violence.  Then I started to consider the word.  God’s word declares that He is jealous for us.  God desires to spend time with us to the extent that His great love for us burns with a passion for us as a groom does for a bride.

I have never experienced this type of love personnally but so desire to experience this with God.  I want Him to consume me.  I want to realize how deep, how wide, how long and high is His love for me.  I have listed the chorus to the song Furious below.  Read the words, ponder them, let them get deep inside of you so you too may experience His great love towards you.

His love is deep, His love is wide
And it covers us
His love is fierce, His love is strong
It’s furious
His love is sweet, His love is wild
And it’s waking hearts to life

God’s Love

First let me just say how much I love my job.  Books and music are my two favorite loves outside of God.  I am reading a wonderful new manuscript called Pursued God’s Obsession with Us.  Release in February 2013 and I highly recommend.  The book shows how the relationship between Hosea and Gomer illustrates God’s love and obsession towards us.  To quote some of the book:
“Have you ever considered how you stir the emotions of God?  What He feels when he sees you?  He isn’t so removed that He doesn’t care.  Pause for a few moments and just imagine God smiling over you, rejoicing over you, celebrating you like a groom rejoices in his bride on their wedding day! Visualize God overflowing with compassion as he relates to you! Picture His love toward you knowing no bounds.  Think about Him jealously protecting you and providing for you.  See Him running towards you, pursuing you, welcoming your interaction with Him.  Don’t resist it and make excuses about how your disqualified!  This love is anchored in God’s worthiness more than your own.  Receive it and be rejuvenated by it in faith!
As you relate to God and surrender to Him, these are the kinds of emotions God has He feels towards you.  Let these images settle deep into your soul.  Stay a while.  Soak it in.  Breath.  Close your eyes.  You are loved beyond words.”
Eph 3:17-19

Totally amazing analogy and totally true.  May you experience a new level of God’s love for you as you go deep and closer to him.




As I spent time with some lovely sisters in Christ today I was reminded that we are all struggling with something and it is our job to stand with each other and to encourage each other in the Lord.  As I was praying for one of my sisters I was filled with such hope because I knew as God was touching her and answering her prayers that He was doing the same for me.  I may not always see the instant results to my prayers but I need to remember to stand firm in my faith and to just believe that God is taking care of things and that He is answering my prayers.

One thing that God reminded me of earlier in the week is that when the devil reminds you of who you are not and what you do not have you need to remind him who you are in Christ and thank God for all He is doing!  In fact shortly after God showed this to me Joyce Meyer posted on facebook the following:  No Devil can keep you from living a full life if you know who you are in Christ!  What confirmation.

May you remember today that you are loved and accepted.  God is pursuing you because He is so deeply in love with you.  He desires to spend time with you.  The closer you draw to Him the smaller your situation or problem becomes and because He is a good, good daddy He is giving you the desires of your heart.


The Beginning

My first blog, cannot believe I am actually doing this.  God has been dealing with me for quite some time to start one.  I am hoping and praying that this blog will be uplifting, encouraging and point you to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  That you will fall more deeply in love with Him and draw closer to Him because he loves and cares for you.  God is pursuing you!